Centreal Firness does its utmost to take care of health and beauty of all members responsibly through scientific and effective exercises.


This program is for making a toned, beautiful body as well as weight-loss by analyzing the current state of each member, such as diet, physical constitution, and life habits and operating exercise programs customized for each individual.

Period setting We help customers experience effects quickly and safely by setting period and schedule suitable for each individual.

Diet management We manage diet of each customer to prevent yo-yo syndrome.

Organization of exercise programs with the use of various tools Grafting fun tools onto the elements of weight training for beginners to start exercise easily, we combine dynamic and energetic resistive exercise and strength exercise for balancing body.


This program prevents injury by correcting body balance and also helps improve athletic performances by strengthening muscle required for swing.

Core training for improved driving distance and stable swing This program helps improve driving distance by strengthening muscle required for swing and make fast and sophisticated swing.

Balance training for improving concentration and preventing injury This program can improve concentration and prevent injury as well by reducing physical stress through the alleviation of pain in shoulder occurring when swinging as well as asymmetric lesion on the other side.


K-LINE, a training program customized for bride and groom-to-be all over the world

K-Line is composed of intensive training programs for each body area (neck, collarbone, back, waist, and arm), matching with different wedding dress code, strict diet management scheduled for the wedding date, and systematic exercise programs, combining weight training and Pilates to assure the maximum effect within the shortest period of time, to help bride and groom-to-be get in the best shape and this program also provides training programs for wedding dress shooting, the date of wedding ceremony, bikini shooting on honeymoon, and before giving birth after marriage at once!

P.T program customized for bride and groom-to-be offered only by Centreal Fitness

This customized training program helps announcers, who regard a confident image as important, get in a correct shape.

Spinal and ab training for correcting posture This program makes correct and upright posture by strengthening abdominal muscle through diaphragmatic breathing.

Training for circulating lower limbs and building physical strength This program helps announcers, who have to bear a long shoot in a sitting position, have slim legs by promoting the circulation of lower limbs and making thin, long muscle.


Model Training made by Centreal and Korea Model Association is an individual training program customized for each model's concept and type

Training for making a body shape suitable for clothes This program completes a perfect body line for each type of clothes by correcting body shape from different view in a three-dimensional way (front, side, and rear) and building long and thin muscle.

Training for correcting off-balance due to the nature of occupation This program helps alleviate pain in knee and waist occurring from pelvis leaning forward by the nature of occupation requiring to wear heals for a long time and also corrects the overall body balance.


Centreal, a Mecca of couple training, which has been introduced by numerous broadcastings (including Infinite Challenge) and media sources, offers a self-developed exercise program for couple or married couple to enjoy exercise together, considering individual physical status and difference in gender.

Win-win training for couple to share love and physical strength This program helps strengthen the intimacy between couple and married couple, adding fun elements to exercise in pairs.

Effective price You can enjoy couple training program, which is similar to one-on-one personal training, at effective price.


This program helps promote growth and improve concentration of children through systematic and professional exercises, including growth plate-promoting exercise and muscle-strengthening exercise, controlling exercise intensity according to age group.

Training for promoting growth and treating obesity This program helps promote the growth of toddlers by stimulating growth plate and treat child obesity which is caused by lack of exercise.

This program helps promote the growth of toddlers by stimulating growth plate and treat child obesity which is caused by lack of exercise. This program helps correct wrong life habits and postures and improve concentration.