Golf is a healthy sports using swing movements which requires both head and body so it is great for strengthening back and legs and for weight-loss. Since it develops endurance and strengthens heart as well as the lower body and requires continuous cardiopulmonary functions and endurance, it shows sufficient effects of aerobic exercise through enough oxygen supply. Golf is an effective sports for healthy weight-loss.

  • The time that requires a lot of money and time to be invested on learning golf is now gone.
  • Centreal Fitness has a real golf-zone screen which realizes a real golf play.
  • Are you still affected by weather condition when playing golf?
  • You can play golf as if you are on the actual golf course at Centreal Fitness!
KLPGA pro golfers of Centreal Fitness directly coach you and correct your wrong habits, postures, and recognition.

Are you still playing golf all by yourself? Have you not played in a wrong direction? Come to Centreal Fitness now. Centreal Fitness has a driving range for swing and putting, a real-screen golf zone, and a personal locker room. The golf zone, which is one of many prides of Centreal Fitness, is the latest, cutting-edge golf program which can even correct postures by photographing swing postures with a camera. As you can enjoy rounding in the same environment through aerial photographs of most of rounding fields in Korea, you can reduce incidental expenses and correct postures and also play games with your friends.