ALWAYS CENTREAL WITH YOU. Central will recharge your energy and exhausted body right with you at all times.


Centreal is a stylish general entertainment space for enjoying differentiated culture from so many other fitness centers having appeared and disappeared in the early 2000s. Centreal makes aggressive efforts to emerge from the concept of fitness center as a place for only mechanical exercises, on the basis of continuously innovative thinking from its beginning. Numerous celebrities, who are already like our family now, and sophisticated customers are the greatest asset of ours.


The beginning and the end of every value of Centreal exist only for customers. Centreal aims to provide customers with four special things for the second innovative leaping.


We research constantly in order to provide scientific system customized for each individual as well as professional and systematic programs to customers to allow them to refresh their exhausting, busy life. We are also constructing total health care solutions suitable for not only Korea but also each country for people all around the world to live healthy and happy life. Centreal, prioritizing customer satisfaction at all times, will be with you as a Korea's representative, innovative fitness center with full of refreshing changes and pleasures.

Busy life, a peaceful rest in a dry city

Centreal is a neologism inspired by Central Park, which is a green space in a city. It indicates 'a place in a city for recharging energy', combining a linguistic definition of center and real, indicating 'real-time' and 'truth'.


  • 2013 12. Concluding an industry-academic agreement with global cyber university
  • 2011 06.Opening the head office of Centreal Fitness in Gangnam
    10.Opening a Centreal branch in Isu
    (previously Funny Play Gym - changed to Centreal Fitness)
  • 2004 05. May Opening Welling Life Fitness in Nowon
  • 2014 12. Opening Centreal Pilates near Gangnam-gu Office
    (Special Pilates / yoga center)
    09. Concluding an industry-academic agreement with Mirae Medical Center
    05. Opening Centreal Pilates in Bangbae(Special Pilates / yoga center)
    Being selected as no.1 corporation in customer Satisfaction (Korea Economy)
    04.Concluding an industry-academic agreement with the marriage bureau "Baroyun"
    03.Concluding an industry-academic agreement with the organizing committee of Miss Korea
    Being selected as an official brand of Korea Model Association
    02. Concluding an industry-academic agreement with the marriage bureau "Noblesse Suhyun" and White Medical Group
    Concluding an industry-academic agreement with Mr. K Dental Management Institute
  • 2012 05.Opening Centreal Pilates in Sadang
    (Special Pilates / yoga center)
  • 2009 09. (Special Pilates / yoga center)